Online Video Viewing Survey

Thank you to everyone who answered the Online Video Viewing survey. You asked if I would post the results. I decided it would be in keeping with the spirit of the experiment to record a video, which you can watch on my YouTube channel.

Standard disclaimer: This was a survey I ran for fun, using responses from my friends. This has nothing to do with my employer, and neither the survey design nor the sampling protocol was scientific. Any generalization made from these results would be highly suspect.

Sampling Design: Convenience sample. We put a link up on our Twitter and Facebook feeds and asked for responses. Richard’s Twitter and Facebook feeds tend to be populated by people from the entertainment industry. My Twitter and Facebook tend to be friends of mine and/or people interested in analytics.

Survey Design: Preliminary. We used a lot of free text responses in an effort to collect general information about how people watch videos. The best information was collected through the free text responses–answers to questions we never thought to ask.

Most surprising result: People seemed far more likely to click on videos they found in social media, while videos that were e-mailed to them were almost as likely to be “saved for later” as they were to be viewed or clicked immediately.  It’s an open question whether this is because of how people use social media verses email or a result of how the question was asked.

Least surprising result: Most people skip advertising content as quickly as possible when viewing online content.

Most interesting results: The lists of favorite movies and television series from childhood and current were a lot of fun. Complete lists (sorted by responses) are located here: BestTV and here: BestMovies. Feel free to use them as a “must view” list. I know I will!

About Melinda Thielbar

Melinda Thielbar is a co-founder of Research Triangle Analysts, Ph.D. statistician, spinner of fine yarn, martial artist, fraud analyst, and fiction writer. In other words, she's a polymath. Follow Melinda on Twitter @mthielbar, or join the Research Triangle Analysts group on G+ to join the conversation about data science.
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One Response to Online Video Viewing Survey

  1. Phil Simon says:

    Interesting… I’m with you on the surprises and non-surprises.

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