My New Adventure, Reminiscent of an Old Adventure…

If you’ve been wondering about all the radio silence on the blog, I’m glad I can finally let you in on the news: I have accepted a position as a software developer at JMP, a business unit of SAS.

JMP (pronounced “jump”)* is an analytics software package with a ton of functionality and an incredible history. I’ve always admired this software, and as I’ve been working in more and more advanced analytics, I’ve really come to appreciate what a well-made software product that is easy to use and statistically sound can do. The JMP development team is comprised of some of the smartest people I have ever met, and I am thrilled to be joining them.

It’s customary to gush about your new company at this point in the announcement, but I’d rather point you to their About Us page and the JMP Blog, which are both more accurate and more up-to-date than anything I can say here.**

My blog is not going anywhere, and I will continue to ramble about whatever interests me once I’ve made the transition. Hopefully you will not notice a change anywhere but in the “About” page.

*Please direct your Van Halen and other JMP-related puns to the comments section.

**Although I would really like to add: “They were doing this stuff before it was cool! Did you see how early they got to this party?”

About Melinda Thielbar

Melinda Thielbar is a co-founder of Research Triangle Analysts, Ph.D. statistician, spinner of fine yarn, martial artist, fraud analyst, and fiction writer. In other words, she's a polymath. Follow Melinda on Twitter @mthielbar, or join the Research Triangle Analysts group on G+ to join the conversation about data science.
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